am I right Or AM I RIGHT…

It all began with the graduation of Metros in our country,if talking exactly, with the coming of Delhi metro.It isn’t like as if it acted as the sole reason for the drift of humans from actual humanity….people getting ready..rushing off to the office..and in this chase considering even the weakest of man to be his actual foe in this run for life….I,many a times,felt as if Darwin is standing right in the centre of the coach shouting SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST to the crowd.

  • So what actually happened was…I boarded the train from Faridabad to Shastri Nagar…it is a great distance considering the speed of our Delhi Metro..since it was an early train and I actually got up too early to board it..I was a bit drowsy..and thus I kind of felt asleep…even in my half conscious state I could hear sounds of two ladies laughing and talking about their homely affairs…”..mama g didn’t even think once before handing over that cheap saree to me as a gift..I mean who wears such a cheap saree these days….” and what not..there was also a male voice which I could hear whispers of…
  • So after about ten minutes I felt a pat around my shoulder…as I looked up the man told me that the lady was feeling sick and thus needed a seat…I humbly got up..restricting my desires to sleep more..the lady said thanks and sat there…I as my usual journeys used the pole to support my back and rested there…just after 2 to 3 minutes there was a huge laughter…the same lady who I gave the seat to…was the one who earlier was discussing her mama g..the other lady with her as well as the man looked as happy as if they have won the war of the worlds..never mind I continued standing there…and turned my face to the opposite side…meanwhile I noticed that the lady saw me lying to the pole in that drowsy state..but it was okay I thought the lady might be having some problem so it’s ok.
  • What I noticed after ten minutes made my heart cry..there was someone sitting near to that lady and I was the nearest one to him..when he vacated his seat I moved forward to sit there…but as I was approaching there came a man rushing through me and acquired that seat…the most saddest part-THE SAME MAN ON WHOSE REQUEST I GAVE MINE.!!