• Many of us often come around a situation when we are expected or desired to do something,something that requires courage and determination more than what we usually posses.That moment is among those very times when we can come up and act like a hero.Being a hero doesn’t only mean like leading a mass of followers or swinging a sword in an arena full of crowd.A hero is anyone who rises up above something that he always has considered to be his saturation point.Talking about the saturation point,it is something that we humans, many a times, consider as our limit of doing or possessing something.We make ourselves restricted to a point where we feel that the zone of our comfortability has ended.While the fact is that the humans are the most capable and unique species that ever have existed on Earth.We actually don’t have any saturation point.This saturation point exists only in our minds.And the DNA that gives birth to this point is FEAR.image4
  • THE ONLY TIME WHEN YOU CAN BE BRAVE IS WHEN YOU ARE AFRAID.As the saying goes,it is useless acting like a brave when your aren’t even afraid.The real power calculates in times of hardship and in times of fear.We all suffer from some or the other kind of fear.Some fear of getting rejected,some fear of getting lost,some of losing in love,some of losing in life.Its all in our mind-this fear-this assumption.The one who learns to control his mind is the one who rises above all his fears.
  • History is evident of people who have defeated their fears and rose to rule the world-their world.What did they use to overpower they fear? It was nothing else then their WILL POWER.They did nothing much but told themselves that they are not going to lose,they are not going to be afraid and they stood firm enough to fight out their biggest enemy-the enemy that lied deep inside them-their inner fear.

History saw Nepolean crossing The Great Alps and marching his army to the enemy lands when everyone thought an army of sixty thousand men,an impossible task,to cross the Alps.It was Nepolean who denied to bow down and crossed his fears.Nepolean was the leader of French Army and the France was at war with nearly all the countries.He wanted very much to take his soldiers to Italy;but there was a huge monster in between France and Italy-and the monster was the Alps-the top of which was covered with snow.

“Is it possible to cross the Alps?” asked Nepolean.The man who had been sent to look at the passes said,”It may be possible ,but”–

“Let me hear no more”said Nepolean.”Forward to Italy!”.

People laughed at the thought of thousand men crossing the Alps where there was no road.But Nepolean being firm enough gave the orders to March.The long line of soldiers and horses and canons stretched for twenty miles when they came to a steep place and where seemed no way ahead.The Captain of the army asked Nepolean for the lead.Nepolean told them Alps was still far away and thus they still should March.After marching for hours the army came to a halt feeling depressed for they didn’t even reach Alps after walking so long.The Captain expressed his grief and the army resisted to March any further.Its when Nepolean told them they already have crossed the Alps and thus entered Italy.He then told the Captain that it was not The Alps which tried stopping their way…It was the fear of The Alps.

  • I have seen people shedding the mass out of their body even after reaching at a point when nobody thought positive about them .I have seen people running day and night on the concrete just to prove their fears wrong.This is the power of Will.
  • The more we think about our fears,the more we get depressed.When we live our life with a fear of failure-what we actually miss out is that without facing failure we can’t really feel how delicious the taste of success can be.