Today I saw an elderly couple walking down the lane.They were holding hands.The wife must have gone through some surgery as the belt around her waist depicted.The couple must have been in their early sixtees.Probably,the husband took his wife out for a walk.The way they were holding hands,I could feel that strong love-that affection-the ultimate care they both shared.I was hundred metres apart yet I could feel their strength.It touched me.The love was open-totally visible.I shared no bond with them yet it touched me.

During my graduation,the idea of not getting married strucked me.The relations,the bonds I saw around never striked me true enough to realise their gravity-their depth.I always felt-the ultimate affection and care is what one feels for himself and no such thing as love or care do actually persists.But this evening-this couple-it changed something.!

What is it that keeps people together? What is it that this couple had for each other? What is it that makes someone stand for a lifetime so committed to someone that even the hardest of the realities can’t shake….is it love….or is it the need of one to get his emotions shared….if it’s just emotions-it can’t stand the continuous blows that life hits.! Probably it’s what people call love…it must have been this unknown feeling of love-something so pure and poise that can fill someone with an unending wave of care and gratitude!

But how strong is this feeling of love…I never heard anyone telling the exact measures of what it is or how long it can survive.It never even occured to me to reflect on it…….But this night…this bond….that I witnessed…the one that kept the couple so dedicated and fallen for each other was nothing short of an infinity….!!! It moved me….!!! It sank in….deep inside…!!!!